HMBT #253: Unstuck Yourself

I am joined by Josh and Cel, co-hosts of the Unstuck Institute Podcast. They are both millennials and entrepreneurs that were stuck in a day job that they did not like and did not know how to take the next step to start over or start a business of their own. They have helped people become unstuck and I asked them to come on to the show to talk about how you can become Unstick yourself. 

We all get stuck and we spoke about “getting unstuck:

Ready is a lie:

Many people hold themselves back because they are not ready yet or what you are working on is not perfect. That is a lie. Put yourself out there and see what happens. Go for it! Make sure that you do not have any regrets  spoke about many things that I launched were not really ready, but they are out there into the world.

How to get unstuck:

We spoke about key ways to get unstuck. Take baby steps. DOn’t quit your job or jump all in to a project. Make progress over time. Do something for five minutes a day. It is less scary to start something new with a smaller time commitment. You will be developing a habit to do what it takes to get unstuck. You will be amazed at the progress you can make if you just get started. 

You also need to reflect on what you are and want to do. Make sure that you have a desire and passion to do something. Give yourself grace. Building skills is a good thing regardless how long they stick around in your life. 

Making your dreams happen:

Dream big! What do you really want? Write it down. Josh and Cel are offering a complimentary life book to help you become unstuck. This is where you can write down your goals and know where you want to be. Plan it out. Make sure to review your goals, because your plan acts as a compass. I mention using a vision board and Cel says it is in the life book! Download it. 



Link to Life Book:



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