HMBT #259: Connecting as a Leader

In this episode, I am joined but Lou Everett and Sherri McManus of the Lou Everett Group. 

Lou and Sherri are known for their highly effective coaching, teaching, and speaking on the importance of personal growth and how it impacts our Influence as a Leader. With more than four decades of combined experience in training, coaching, and leadership, they also have received training and mentoring from well-known and successful coaches and teachers from the likes of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Jack Canfield, Paul Martinelli, and are Certified Leadership Coaches and Corporate Trainers. 

Lou was introduced to leadership at an early age when is mother would listen to Tony Robbins in the car. He then went on to realize he was born to help others build leadership skills. He feels that we need to break the leadership handbook that exist today.

For Sherri, she was the littlest in her neighborhood, but she was in charge of everyone. She took advantage of positional leadership. It seems that she took a similar route to Lou. 

We then chatted about the difference of communicating and connecting. Leadership is about influence, it is about nothing else. How do you influence with communication. You need to connect with people and audiences. Simply talking means nothing.

There are five factors the great communicators and leaders use. 

  1. Relationships-who you know
  2. Insights-what you know
  3. Success- what you’ve done
  4. Ability- what you can do
  5. Sacrifice – how you lived

You can learn the skill of connecting with people. It does not happen through osmosis or in one day! It is a daily process. Look at other successful communicators and connectors to emulate and learn from them. You can also work with a mentor or coach.

Become aware that everyone is a leader and can lead in some way. We all want to connect.

Diving in to the item of sacrifice, it comes down to how you lived. It is based on stories. People relate to stories. Lou and I are public speakers and we know the power of stories. 

Everyone has stories, but we do not tell them enough. If you work on that, people will relate to you. They will admire and listen to you and your stories. Stories to not need to be your own, you can use other people’s stories. Sometimes stories that are not your own can be more powerful than those that are yours. 

Stories can help produce your ability, and people will want to connect with you because of your abilities. Your abilities need to be visible so that people can find you. get out there and become visible!  

Lou and Sherri help people become better versions of themselves. They work with individuals where they are and help them get to where they want to be through the empowerment method. Find out more about the Lou Everett Group:





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