HMBT #261: Give Them Something to YAC About

Irene Diamond calls herself a “Pain Reliever & Mover-Improver for businesses and bodies” because she helps both get out of pain and moving!

In 1995 she founded San Francisco, California’s very first Wellness Center, Diamond Pain Relief & Wellness that enjoys referrals from other health care providers from across the country.

Irene leads seminars and trainings for clinicians on the rehabilitation method she developed, Active Myofascial Therapy ~ The Diamond Method so they, too, have the powerful ability to provide fast, effective, life-changing results for their clients and patients.

She also mentors and provides consulting services to the massage, physical therapy, chiropractic and other wellness practices to attract affluent appreciative clients through her Dream Practice Mastery Academy.

Irene is a frequent guest author for many professional massage, physical therapy and orthopedic publications and associations. She is an in-demand speaker and presenter sharing business-growth strategy; and clinical education.

Irene and I talk about standing out from the crowd as well as finding the perfect client

No matter what you do, you need to have a marketing mindset to grow your business. 

When it comes to finding the right clients you might want to work with anyone in the beginning to obtain some experience to learn who you want to work with. 

Irene tells us to use the Client Selection Triangle. A triangle has three points:

  1. Do you like them
  2. Do they have something you can relieve or help them achieve?
  3. Can they afford your product or services

If prospects meets all these items, they are the perfect client or precise fit. This will help you in so many ways. More good reviews and a lot of referrals. Clients that are not a great fit may not have a good experience and can have negative outcomes. 

Next, we talk about pricing and how it is not always “see you later” if a prospect does not meet your pricing options. Maybe you need to look at market demand and maybe adopt. It is not always specifically the price, there are other factors that we discuss. You also need to work on the Know, Like, Trust factor to crate a better connection with prospects.

Make sure to give clients and referees something to YAC (“Unique Appeal to Clients”) (UAC) about. Stand out from the crowd. To do this, find something that makes you different, but it has to be unique. What is unique about you or what you do?

Identify who your dream clients are and give them what they want. That will help you give them something to YAC about. And make sure to not verbally vomit on people, which means to be selling all the time and talking for the sake of talking. 

Pro tip: Go to Yelp and look at one star reviews for feedback. Find out what your competition is bad at and do that better. People will YAC about that!

Irene has a book coming out called Design Your Dream Practice. You can learn more about that and her website at

Small business owners and Therapists can enroll in a gift mini course: “How To Attract Affluent Appreciative Clients” at



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