HMBT #262: Winning the LinkedIn Lottery

In this episode, I am joined by John Espirian. He is the relentlessly helpful technical copywriter, all-round LinkedIn nerd and author of Content DNA.

John writes web pages, blog posts, case studies and LinkedIn profiles for B2B clients.

Find John at or follow him on LinkedIn.

John and I talk about LinkedIn extensively today. LinkedIn should not be treated like other social networks. You need to put in some work to use it successfully.

Make sure that your profile is as optimized as possible. John breaks down some important but overlooked items. LinkedIn should not be treated as solely an online resume. Two items to look at right now is your headline and about section

Make sure your headline is Interesting, informative and Intriguing. It should be a conversation starter.

Your about statement is just as important to optimize. John tells us about a secret word that he includes in his about statement. Make sure to check his about me section and connect with him. It is advisable to personalize your connection invitation so that you have more chances of a successful connection. Those that know me are aware that I do not accept blind invites. 

Only three lines of your about statement are above the fold, before the content is hidden behind the “read more” link.

I love this quote from John: “Content tells, but your profile sells”. Go out and update your profile today! 

More people are looking more at LinkedIn profiles on a mobile phones. The visible character limit is small, so be short, sweet, and interesting.

With the the LinkedIn algorithm, dwell time matters. The longer and more people read content of yours, you will obtain more visibility. Post often, use video and document posts. It will help with engagement and favorable placement in the feed.

This was part one of this two part interview with John. Make sure to check in next week for part two!

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