HMBT #264: The Golden Microphone - Part 1

This week, and next week, I am joined by my old friend Larry Long Jr, Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks and Founder of The Midweek Midday Motivational Minute.

I am enthralled with Larry’s energy! He might actually have more energy than me. Is that even possible? Other than high energy, we have a lot in common.

I have been pushing people to do better and do more. Larry gave us a lot of words of wisdom in the two episodes he recorded with me. 

Larry like people that like what they do and are passionate about doing it. Work on whatever day is today. What every day starts with “Y”. I streak starts with one. Just get started! Be a go getter and go giver!

We are reminded that we are all in sales. Even as a dad as Larry tells us. Be a match maker rather than a sales person. Match things together. A need and your product or service. Ask questions and listen, then figure out how to make a match. 

Sometimes there is not a match, but it is. your job to help a prospect find what they need. Be genuine and caring. You never know, it might turn into referrals. 

The difference between contacts and contracts is the letter “R”….Relationships. Build brand equity and brand awareness. It helps nurture business. Go out and plant relationship seeds. 

I jump in and talk about learning what makes people successful rather than wondering and being jealous of people that have more than you.

Larry said that success leave clues. Look to do things that make you feel fulfilled. Do not do things that make you angry and grumpy. Do what makes you happen. It is not always about the money. 

It is important to learn from other people’s success and mistakes. It will help you grow faster. 

Later, we shifted gears to talk about leadership, but I only teased it in this episode. Make sure to tune in next week for Larry’s thoughts on leadership and more!

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