HMBT #265: The Golden Microphone – Part 2

Larry Long Jr. joins me again to talk about leadership and other topics. Larry is the Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks and Founder of The Midweek Midday Motivational Minute.

Get ready for some mic drop moment because Larry brought his golden microphone this time!

Leadership is your actions, heart and mind. Do not get caught up in titles. You need to inspire people and help people on their career journey. 

You can be an individual contributor and empower others to do great things. It is our responsibly to be a role model. Look at your sphere of influence and determine if you are stepping up to the plate and knocking it out of the part when it comes to leadership?

Do you take care of your mind, body, and soul so that you can lead others?

Opportunity is everywhere. Look for the chances to make change and help others succeed. But make sure you are successful before you can help other success. 

With the pandemic, it is hard to stay motivated. Larry and I discuss what you can do to stay focused. 

There will always be something that happens in live that can deter motivation. Make sure that you turn to things you like to do. For Larry, it is golf. Maybe for you is it yoga or something. 

Larry likes to meet with groups of people on Zoom to find motivation. Find a cheerleader in a mentor to give you a swift kick to get out of the funk. 

Process what you are going through. Make sure to look for the good, the great, and the wonderful in every situation. 

When it comes to Zoom fatigue, think of your camera as a window to the world rather than a spy device. I mention that it is ok to not always be looking at the camera with on a virtual call. You can take notes, it’s ok to do that. 

Also, make sure to say yes to more things rather than complaining or saying “but”. There will be so many opportunities this year to become great and succeed. 

Larry encourages us to save the day and do not waste this time! Carpe Diem! We never get this time back and life is short. No more Netflix and chill, we are revoking your hall pass from the dumpster fire of 2020.

Larry wants you to participate in his #3MinuteChallenge where you should reach out to someone in your network to reconnect with them and make them feel special. 

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