HMBT #268: The Brilliance Whisperer

In this episode, I am joined by Traci Philips, The Innate Coach. She is an Executive Leadership & Performance Coach to Visionaries.

We discuss the importance of defining your rightful Zone of Brilliance so that you know what seat and lane you are meant to be in. Issues with productivity, culture fit, connecting with your market/ideal client and “job hopping” (job satisfaction/fulfillment) can often happen when we are misaligned and/or don’t know where we truly thrive (where our value is most valuable and valued).

Is life about what you achieve? Should your achievements define you? Are we human beings or human doers? We should not strive to be valued by our achievements, rather it should be based on our Innate Brilliance.

It’s possible to excel at something, but not like what you do. Our brilliance is meant to form and inform what we are here to be and do. It allows us to develop passion for what is meant to be meaningful to and for us. By doing what you are created explicitly to do, you will be more successful and happy.

Learn where you thrive in order to shine a light on your brilliance. You have to remove the traditional thinking that working hard brings success. Traci likes to ask people what others see in them that they simply don’t in themselves. That is one of the key places to start in finding and defining your brilliance. Traci is able to read people through their language to determine both their brilliance, as well as what is holding them back from showing up in it. She then is able to help her clients recognize, understand and own what is core and innate to them. Who and how you were prior to your conditioning and the pressures and expectations of the outside world hold the key to your true brilliance and legacy.

In our conversation, Traci defined me as a visionary, and it was an eye opening moment for me to discuss what that means. I have a lot of ideas, but struggle with execution. For me to be effective, I need to work with a company that can benefit and harness my visionary work style, and I believe that I am currently in that type of role.

Are you doing what you should be doing? Are you in alignment with what you excel at or are you in your Zone of Brilliance? Some people fall into the trap of the traditional entry level jobs that have linear progression that does not fit the person they are, but does fit the needs of the organization and how it’s run.

Don’t settle. Get out of your comfort zone and into your Zone of Brilliance. What is it costing you to settle for less than what inspires and drives you? Is it Money? Your health?

There needs to be alignment in what you love and what you do. Stop being “fine”. Do what you love so you can accomplish more. The money will come when you do what you love.

It is much more risky to live outside your Zone of Brilliance. What do you want to leave as your legacy? You miss 100% of the shots you do no take. It is okay to take risks and it is okay to fail. Life is risky, but you can have great success if you’re willing to align with who you’re truly here to be and what you are genuinely meant to do. Too many people are playing it safe. Grab life by the horns.

Traci has a live show on Facebook every other Wednesdays with co-host Wulwyn Porte. It includes unscripted conversations around life and breakthroughs. Real conversations around real stuff. The show is called Eavesdrop in the Moment. Find them on Facebook and YouTube.

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Traci has new book, Looking IN: Discover, Define & Align the True Value of Your Life, Leadership & Legacy coming out later this year. Make sure to check it out when it is available on Amazon.

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