HMBT #260: The Video Gameshow

I am joined by Christi Lowe, an Emmy Award Winning Video Producer and owner of Christi Lowe Productions.

Christi and I start by discussing what kind of video works. And that is tricky because it depends on what kind of business you have. It is the kind of video you create that matter. Using brand stories can be powerful. Get people to know you. What is your why? It helps people know, like, and trust you.

If you sell products, show your product and tell us how it works. 

Rather than going through a bunch of industries, Christi and I played a word game where I mentioned an industry, Christi provided a short answer. It was so much fun!

What we proved is that everyone can create videos!

If you currently do not create videos, make sure to start small and easy. Harness your knowledge and passion. Start investing time to learn how to create videos and also start with what you have as far as hardware, but upgrade as you go along. 

Next, we played myth busters where I asked Christi about audio and video. Which is more important? Christi says the imagery, but also mentioned both are key to great videos. 

I showed some hardware I have such as a phone gimbal and Rhode Video Microphone. Again, use what you have and buy new hardware when you can. 

If you are currently creating videos, but want to do better, Christi provides four tips.

-Do not use shaky video. Use a gimbal or tripod

-Make sure that your videos are not blurry. Most cameras have auto focus

-Coloring is important. Make sure that your footage has the right color temperature

-Use a decent microphone for good audio.

As a bonus, Christi mentioned having a plan for your video. Create a storyboard of what you want to say and include. We also discuss using a teleprompter. If you use them right, they are great, but make sure not to sound like you are reading off one!

Christi has a five part master course with over three hours of course material, all very practical tips that I’ve learned in her 30+ years of video marketing. 

  1. Video Marketing- why and what
  2. Videography – practical hands on tips
  3. Audio basics – hardware and strategies
  4. Editing – basics of editing
  5. Cell Phone – all the previous classes but specifically geared toward using your cell phone

Learn more about Christi and what she does:





Learn more about Christi’s Master Course teaching SMB owners how to create their own amazing business videos – Pro Tips For Amazing Business Videos:



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