HMBT 274: The Virtual Leadership Blueprint with Traci Philips

In this episode, I am joined by Traci Philips, The Innate Coach. She is an Executive Leadership & Performance Coach to Visionaries. 

We discuss being viewed as a leader in a virtual world. There are a lot of challenges, but is can be done, which is what we talk about.

Traci has a live show on Facebook every other Wednesdays with co-host Wulwyn Porte. It includes unscripted conversations around life and breakthroughs. Real conversations around real stuff. The show is called Eavesdrop in the Moment. Find them on Facebook and YouTube. 

Eavesdrop in the Moment: 

on Facebook:

On YouTube:

Traci has new book, Looking IN: Discover, Define & Align the True Value of Your Life, Leadership & Legacy. Check it out on Amazon:

Learn more about Traci on her website




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