Hank’s Marketing and Business Tips: #2: Instaheads


Audio Transcript:

This is Hank Hoffmeier with your business and marketing tip of the day.  Are you looking to grow your Instagram followers? If so, I found a great resource for you. Instaheads.com is now in beta and you can download their beta application to help you find followers.

How this works is you can create hash tag searches. You can use multiple hashtags, to find people that you would like to have follow you, and what you can do is like their posts and comment on their posts. You have the ability to sort and preview the posts that you want to participate in.

You can also find competitors followers and engage with them to try to get them to follow you as well. The application handles multiple accounts and it helps you with scheduling so you do not hit the Instagram follow limits and also comment limits. It also provides activity stats. The service is free and they’re saying that they’re always going to be free so if you want to check them, out at Instaheads.com.