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Today I would like to talk about keywords, for when you’re using keywords for pay per click advertising. If you are using Google Adwords and you were putting out ads based on keywords, what you’ll notice is popular keywords cost a lot of money.

What you might want to do is use something called long tail keywords. Let’s say you are a wedding planner, what you might want to stray away from is directly bidding for “wedding”,  because if you bid for “wedding”, you can pay a lot of money. It could be four or five, maybe eight dollars per click. Where is if you put in a “wedding planner in Graham North Carolina”, that is going to be a little bit cheaper. Or if you put “wedding planner affordable”, or “affordable wedding planner”, that was going to be cheaper than just “wedding”. So, make sure you do some research and look at what people might be searching for when they look for products and services that you have to offer and use longtail keywords to help keep your costs down.

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