SnapChat Should Be Embraced By Businesses


Even though it launched in 2011, SnapChat is still growing in popularity. I have recently seen many small companies and also celebrities evenly adopt this social media channel as a way to tap into the millennial generation. If you do not use SnapChat now, you should give it a try. Here are 5 reasons that you should.

  • SnapChat is mostly used by teens and younger adults of which about 70% are female

  • Users are more likely to be active on other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter

  • Coupon and discount offers are sought after by SnapChat users

  • Engagement is high with SnapChat. There are 400 million snaps per day and only 1% of businesses use it

  • 12% of snaps are shared with multiple reasons

Remember that with Snapchat, you can use short videos to engage with users. You could review a product or service, answer questions, run a contest or create a funny story that is memorable.

Jump in and give it a try. Let us know how it goes!