HMBT #122: Preparing for Conferences

Attending conferences can be informative and educational. Today, I am going to talk about how I prepare for a conference. Here are the things that I do to prepare for a conference. Research the talks that you want to attend. Don’t stress yourself out by needing to make last minute decisions for those breakout sessions. […]

Bonus: Planning for 2018

Now that the end of the year and the holidays are upon us, we tend to focus on other things than our work or our business. You should always be planning for the week, month, quarter, and year. I have already met with my wife and planned some of our goals for next year and […]

Don’t Procrastinate Your Planning

New Year

Holidays are a good time to relax, spend time with family and loved ones as well as recharge for the New Year.  It is easy to fall into the trap of relaxing too much and not planning to start off the New Year right. I get it, the food, fun and companionship is too compelling […]