• Tax Time Means Opportunity to Cash In

    Now is the time everyone is starting to think about tax refunds. If people have not planned how they will spend their refunds by now, they soon will.  If you can get in front of them early enough, you might be able to attract some business. Think of discounts and specials that you can offer. Post your offers […]

  • Facebook Mobile Notification Updates

    Facebook announced that they will be making over the mobile notifications. It sort of reminds me of Google now notifications. You will continue to receive the alert that you are used to, like birthday reminders, but they will be adding items such as sports scores, reminders and more. Facebook is trying to give you as […]

  • Facebook Lets You Compare Ads and Predict Success

    Facebook Lets You Compare Ads and Predict Success

    Many businesses are hesitant to advertise on Facebook because they feel that the return on investment is not there. We feel that you get the most out of your advertising dollars on Facebook. You have the ability to highly target your audience, create look alike audiences and retarget visitors to your website. If you have not started […]