Does Your Email Marketing Have a Case of NHI?

Currently, marketers are dealing with the data privacy changes that email providers and platforms are rolling out, which is affecting open rates, geolocation, and more.  There has been an increasing concern recently around something called NHI, or Non Human Interaction. I have spoken to some marketers about this and they were concerned about how this […]

HMBT #264: The Golden Microphone Part 1


This week, and next week, I am joined by my old friend Larry Long Jr, Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks and Founder of The Midweek Midday Motivational Minute. I am enthralled with Larry’s energy! He might actually have more energy than me. Is that even possible? Other than high energy, we have a lot […]

Why You Need to Have an SSL Certificate for your Domain

People want to feel safe when they are online. There are hackers trying to steal your identity and data, as well as marketers tracking your every move. That is why companies like Google and Apple implemented technologies to help consumers and internet users feel safe.  In most browsers, like Chrome and Safari, you can tell […]

Email Fatigue in a Pandemic

Email Fatigue

Let’s face it, we had enough. Enough Zoom calls, enough social distancing, and even too much email in our inbox. With the onset of the pandemic, some companies doubled down on email marketing while others dialed it back. The thing is, humans are super sensitive to everything right now. They are scrutinizing their experiences, online […]

I am on the Fence!

Earlier this year, I decided to install a privacy fence on our property. The area to to be fenced in was about 720 linear feet. We spent a few months researching what type of fence we wanted and started to obtain quotes from contractors for a six foot pine wood privacy fence. We received quotes […]

HMBT #176: Oops They Said it Again

HMBT 167 purchased lists

It never fails, there is always someone that asks me about using a purchase list for their email marketing campaigns. Let’s talk about it.

Three Essential Steps to Success for Email Marketing

Got subscribers? Check. Sending emails? Check. Wish you had more subscribers and better opens rates? Cannot check hard enough, right? When it comes to email marketing, it is the simple things matter. Often times, going back to basics is something that is heavily overlooked. Making sure that you have the fundamentals covered is the key […]

HMBT #115: Does Hard Work Equal Success?

I was recently on a Facebook group and someone posted the question, “Do you have to work hard to be successful”? Working hard means you are doing the wrong things and failing. What you need to be doing is work smart and passionately. Yes, you will work long hours and spend money. Working hard means […]

The Importance of Networking and Great Conversation

Men talking

It is not a secret that building a strong network can help you become successful. One thing I value about networking is having face-to-face meetings The best thing about face-to-face networking is the stories that are shared. I recently met someone at a networking meeting and was intrigued by the stories that were told. Passion, […]