This is Hank Hoffmeier with a Marketing and Business Tip for you today.

When you have people going back to a product or service that you were looking to sell, you want to make sure using a specific landing page for your audience to view.  What this means is you do not want to detract from the message or the item that you’re trying to promote.

Let’s say you are selling a certain type of sneaker and you drive them back to the main page of your website and have to really navigate ti get to that product, or where they can buy it. There is a good chance that they will decide not to buy your product and leave your website. So you want to make sure that page really has information about that sneaker, if that is what you are selling, and compelling reasons to buy that. Maybe it’s a discount or maybe it is the features.

So, make sure that you are providing value on that landing page so it converts in the best possible manner. You can provide links back to other areas of your website in case they are not interested in that product, this way they can navigate to those items.

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