HMBT #142: Lessons From an Entrepreneur

Today I am joined by Kirk Deis from The Bug Squasher and Treehouse 51. Kirk, came on to the show to share some lessons he learned while starting up and running two businesses. I am recording this episode while I am in France and Kirk is in Newport Beach, California. We are both dealing with […]

HMBT #129: Read the Signals

I want you to stop and read the signals. As business owners and professionals, we have busy schedules. We tend to rush through things. These days, when most people read, they read fast or skim. They do not absorb what is around them. We fail to absorb and read what is right in front of […]

HMBT #100: Health and Marketing Discussion with Professorjohn

I had the pleasure of bringing Professorjohn (PJ) from The Muscle Memory Group on the show today. I met PJ while speaking in about email marketing in Phoenix, AZ. He and I spoke about marketing for some time after my speaking session. He is passionate about what he does, just as I am about marketing. […]

Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #88: Marilyn Shannon Discusses Opportunities

I am joined by Marilyn Shannon, a best selling author, speaker, and coach. You can connect with her at Check her book out: In Just One Afternoon, Listening Into the Hearts of Men. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. Look for unique opportunities. Keep the doors open. Do the things that you […]

Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #86: Referrals

In today’s tip, I discuss asking customers for referrals. This can be verbally or digitally. I recently had a security professional come to my home and when he left, he asked for referrals and was going to knock on some of my neighbor’s doors to see if they needed security. Make sure to offer rewards […]

Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #74: Get Goals

Transcription: Thank you for joining me on Hank’s marketing and business tips today. Quick! Write this down. Write down a goal that you want to accomplish this week. What is it? When does need to be completed by? How long will it take? Will the correlate? In other words, how long you think it is […]

Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #73: Image Refresh

Transcription: Hello! This is Hank with Hank’s marketing and business tips. Thank you for joining me today. When is the last time you looked at your social media assets? What I’m talking about is you cover photo, your profile image, your canvas, or whatever you want to call. When was last time you updated that? Is […]

Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #71: Quiet Time

Transcription: This is Hank Hoffmeier with a marketing and business tip. I am again joined by Mike Mabe from NSL coaching. Welcome back Mike. Mike: Thank you, Hank. What we want to talk to the folks about today is a worklife balance. Making sure that, I guess, you are happy in life and happy and […]

Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #70: Transparency

Transcription: This is Hank Hoffmeier with a marketing and business tip. I am again joined by Mike Mabe with NSL coaching. It is always a pleasure talking to Mike. We are going to provide you another tip, and this one is going to be about transparency. In yesterday’s tip, we kind of touched on that […]