Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #73: Image Refresh


Hello! This is Hank with Hank’s marketing and business tips. Thank you for joining me today.

When is the last time you looked at your social media assets? What I’m talking about is you cover photo, your profile image, your canvas, or whatever you want to call. When was last time you updated that? Is it professional? Does look good? Make sure you are using consistent branding when it comes to your website and social media channels. I just finished writing a chapter in my book discussing that. Branding is important, you want to look professional and have consistent colors content and information. Som if people start to look around on your website, follow you on social media, they are seeing a lot of the same branding as far as colors, logo, content etc., and your personality, right?

If it is disjointed, people will start to ignore what you are putting out there, you will lose them, they will unfollow you, that will not follow you to begin with. So, you might ask me “well, you know, I just upload an image that I have laying around, or in my phone to my Facebook page and for a cover photo or profile. Take the time to have a logo created if you are new in business or if you are small. You can also have cover images made. Use sites like Fiverr.com . It will cost you $5 to $10 to get something really professional done. I used Fiverr last week to have a Facebook cover done, just because I did not have time to create one. As my business buddy, Lori Bruhns would say. “do you do best and delegate the rest”. Within about two days, I can have cover photo that I did not even have to open Photoshop to do.

I delegate, I am able to get professional looking images created for me. This way I can focus on providing value to you guys listening. Such as recording these tips, putting out content, talking to clients, speaking, etc. So, again, make sure you doing a refresh every now and then and that your imagery on your website and social channels is not stagnant. Go change them now. Go put a reminder out there and say “I need to change my branding”. Not necessarily branding per say, but what aligns with your brand as far as imagery and logo.

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  • Hank Hoffmeier

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