I had the pleasure of bringing Professorjohn (PJ) from The Muscle Memory Group on the show today. I met PJ while speaking in about email marketing in Phoenix, AZ. He and I spoke about marketing for some time after my speaking session. He is passionate about what he does, just as I am about marketing. It was a not brainer to have him come on the show!

John is in the fitness industry. He helps personal trainers obtain clients and runs a successful training company. The fitness industry is at a disadvantage when it comes to serving the community as a whole. He serves the individual, the community and the industry at large. He has been called the personal chef to trainers. His mission is to educate people on fitness life skills.

We start out by talking about how consumers are more empowered than ever and how building relationships with buyers is crucial. You cannot rely on appearance alone and using old tools. The old school way of selling was a “one call, one close” type of transaction. Not anymore. Customers have many more choices and want to get to know whoyour are and what your skillset is before makeing a decision.

As a business owner, it is important to be healthy. Even though you may work a lot of hours,  you can still make healthier choices when you eat, rather than just picking up fast food. Value your health. The same goes for your business, provide value and optimize your business workflows. Learn to optimize and plan your final desired outcome. Your marketing campaigns need to be cohesive.

Show your customers that they are all important and that business is not transactional. Provide more value and customer service than you ever had in the past. PJ talks about how he offers a fitness savings account as what we deem a rewards program that provides value to his clients. Rewards build habits and make people want to do more business with you.

Branding is an important element of a business. We discuss using colors and ensuring people know your vision and goals. I give an example of Baker Roofing having the motto, “At a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good work.”

Offering a free trial is not something that will set you apart from your competition. It is what you do when people are trying your product or service that matters. Offer great customer service. PJ says that he lets the consumer set the price. He will then offer value to the people he works with, making them become a loyal customer. Being the cheapest is not always the best way to do business. People will perceive value in different ways, try out different pricing or discounts. Do not undersell yourself.

After a discussion about health, we talk about how just creating videos solely to make money is not a good practice. You have to create buyer pride, as PJ explains. Inform, educate and innovate. When it comes to your business, do not only offer lower prices. That may cause you to make bad investment decisions when it comes to tools and reinvesting in your business. You need money to make money (to invest). PJ talks about what he offers to his clients, which is packed with value and great information. He is out to change the personal training industry!

Back to branding, I mentioned speaking with small business owners at a small business expo. There were two buckets of business owners. The first were ones that could quickly and efficiently tell me what their business does. Then there were others that were not able to help me understand what they did. Once they walked away from me, I struggled to know or remember what they do.

Professor John has a book coming out. It is currently in pre-release and the name is The Non-Exerciser’s Guide to Nurturing Your Soul’s Journey: Get Your Skinny, Find Your Awesome. He is gathering email addresses where he can provide a first lesson start kit. The book will have a lot of originally mastered information. Send an email to myunwantedbodyfatinfo@gmaill.com with the subject line HMBT Book to be added to the list

You can engage with both Professor John and the Muscle Memory Group on the respective Facebook pages.

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