This is Hank Hoffmeier with a marketing and business tip.

I am again joined by Mike Mabe from NSL coaching. Welcome back Mike.

Mike: Thank you, Hank.

What we want to talk to the folks about today is a worklife balance. Making sure that, I guess, you are happy in life and happy and your job, which is very important. So, hopefully everyone will enjoy today’s topic. So, Mike, why don’t you tell us a little bit about how to balance your life?

Well, the family, business, leadership balance needs to be looked at and evaluated and make sure that you are not devoting too much time to the business and forgetting the family, the children. Be deliberate in making sure that you’re spending time at home with the children, with the wife or husband, because it is going to strengthen you to take on the next day and be able to belly up to problems on the job.

By having the contentment and the peace and the satisfaction that you will get from family, work on that. Make sure it is quality time. And just don’t hang out with your buddies in your off time. But be available for tending to family.

Hank: I think it is important to discuss how in today’s society there are so many people trying to start their own business, they are trying to become entrepreneurs, or they are trying to work their way up in a company or in the organization they work for. And you will always hear the terms hustle and grind. I live that mantra, but I have my own definition of hustle and grind. To me, hustle and grind does not mean working 10, 12, 15 hours a day. It means really focusing on work when I’m actually doing the work and making sure I’m choosing my projects and goals and completing them. Not just working hard for long periods of time but dedicating myself to the project I’m working on. And basically, grinding is hustling when you don’t feel like it.

There are times when I feel like not doing anything, but I push myself to do so. So, when we talk about a worklife balance, I think you need to really have your priorities set. You need to spend quality time with your family. You need to spend quality time on the work you are doing, whether is it your own business, or the company you work for, because like you said I think it creates a well-balanced life that helps you reset each aspect of your life. So, when you are working, you are not being stressed by what is going on with the family. And when you re with your family, you are not being stressed out with what comes from work.

Not saying it becomes separated, but it allows you to detox, or decompress, right? So any further thoughts on worklife balance?

Mike: Quiet time. Quiet time where contemplation can take place. Where ideas can be coming from wherever, and then being processed through your mind. And inspiration is incubated there. Do not be too busy with anything, reading, watching television, movies ,meeting folks constantly on the go, checking the iPhone emails, text messages.

That needs to be set aside for maybe an hour a day where you are sitting alone in a dimly lit room, early in the morning while the family is still in bed asleep. It is a great time to receive whatever is going to be coming into your mind during quiet time.

Hank: I think that is great, and I have been trying to do that more, and I really want you to hold me accountable to that, Mike, because I think there is that fear of missing out her FOMO when the alert goes off on your phone. So, I always have my phone on silent. When I first bought my Apple Watch, I always always get the notifications, when someone is trying to reach out to me, or sending a message, I have a notification on LinkedIn or something like that. So, I have learned to kinda not ignore them, but you know they are there, and go go back to them later. Early this morning, I was having breakfast with Mike, and I think within a 15 minute period, I got three notifications, tapping me on the wrist with my watch. I did not look at those because I wanted to focus on the conversation Mike and I were having, because I think it is easy to have your mind become distracted and not be in the moment or most importantly have that quiet time where you can develop your thoughts, ideas, and goals to be successful.

So, I think that was a great tip, Mike. I think early on in the first episode you spoke a bit about your background, but is anything you want to say about NSL Coaching that people might want to hear?

Mike: I can’t emphasize enough the quiet time. I rise every morning around 4:00 AM without an alarm clock. I may get up at 3 o’clock, but I will always be up before 4:15. No matter what day of the year it is, no matter what time. I went to bed the previous evening, which is usually around 9 o’clock, and for the next couple of hours I am sitting in my den with one light on, and I will be scanning some news on the Internet. I will be reading some scripture. I will be sitting there thinking about the thoughts that I want to process about others and I will have that opportunity for ideas to come to my mind about how I’m going to approach the day when it gets daylight and I get started after the shower.

But before that, for a couple of hours, I will be spending probably 15 minutes staring out into space and feeling whatever is coming into my heart and mind and see where it takes me. I have been doing that for 30 years or longer. And that is where lots of strength, and motivation, and energy comes to allow me to go into the day.

Hank: A word that came to mind when you were talking was discipline. And that something that I have tried to hone in on and is has allowed me to lose 30 pounds in a period of three months. I think you can become motivated, but once you turn motivation into discipline is where things start change. Knowing you for 17 years, I know you are very disciplined. I know that going into the military helped with that, and then also being a corporate leader has solidified that, also the military and now you are a disciplined leader when it comes to teaching with teaching, with teaching as a substitute teacher.

So, I think if you do not take anything away from this tip today, the most important thing you need to talk about is discipline, or be disciplined enough to take some quiet time, think, decompress, think about your future, and create goals.

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Mike: It is always a pleasure, Hank.


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