I am joined by Jennifer Goodwin of InternetGirlFriday. She has been running a marketing agency for 15 years and also runs a charity.

Jennifer gives us some background about her career and her veteran charity. We discuss pushing through and finding someone to hold you accountable. I mention Lori Bruhns, my business buddy. Jennifer relies on her awesome office manager to help her with goals and deadlines. I loved her statement: “Together we win, separately, we are competing.”

Once we got to the the main conversation, we spoke about having a proper foundation. We discussed the importance of building a funnel before you start marketing. You need to have a landing page with an offer such as a cheat sheet or a coupon. This will be your lead magnet, because you can obtain an email address and possibly other information, so that you can market effectively. Jennifer said that websites get you online and smart websites get you results. Combine your website with a funnel for optimal success. If you are doing tons of activities on the internet or hiring someone to help with leads, make sure that you have a proper funnel set up. Do not spend on ads until you have a funnel set up.

We also discuss using Facebook Messenger as an option for Facebook Ads as well as Facebook bots. People spend 40% of their day on Facebook. You can use a Facebook bot to help feed your funnel.

Jennifer recommends reading two books by Russell Brunson. The first is DotComSecrets and the other is Expert Secrets. That will help you get started with setting up funnels.

You can reach Jennifer for agency or marketing needs at www.internetgirlfriday.com

Facebook : Jennifer Goodwin
Charity: A portion of her revenue goes to supporting veterans with marketing needs. She also donates much of her time helping veterans build websites and advertise. She is looking for sponsors to help buy a bus to be able to mobilize. Learn more here.

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