This is Hank Hoffmeier with a marketing and business tip.

I am again joined by Mike Mabe with NSL coaching. It is always a pleasure talking to Mike.

We are going to provide you another tip, and this one is going to be about transparency. In yesterday’s tip, we kind of touched on that topic. But Mike, can you allude a little more or give us some more detail around why it is important to be transparent when you’re operating business?

Mike: A leader is going to be transparent, or he is always going to be communicating, or giving off signals that people around him, the customers or the employees are gonna pick up on.  And they are going to decide, is this leader or business owner genuine and original. Can he be trusted? Can I depend on this person? And that is going come through artificially, or is is going to come through realistically and genuine. Tt needs to be genuine and sincere, and not make-believe. So, realize that You need to work on being transparent enough that people will know it is not fake, that you are really genuine and sincere about whatever it is that you’re dealing.

Hank: There are always going to be people that will feel like a leader is not transparent enough, no matter what, even if a leader is being as transparent as possible. How do you feel leaders, business owners, can come across as being honest and genuine? Not just trying to be transparent, but ensure that there is that trust on the side of either customer or an employee?

Mike: By being consistent day after day. And so people can receive a promise or an intention from you and then see it coming to reality tomorrow.

Hank: So, I think it is basically in your mind you need to be sure that you are gonna be able to share any aspect of what you are doing, working on, goals, your your mission. Maybe even your profitability. There are many great leaders, or business owners that share profitability information or revenue information with their staff, and sometimes even to the public. So, I think it is great to be transparent, and something I strive to do is listen a lot and speak with transparency and honesty.

So, I appreciate Mike coming on today and giving us that tip. Definitely check out his website He is a great business coach and has some great life experiences. If you do not want to work with them as far as being a coach, you should talk to him about his life experiences. It is very enlightening but he is definitely a great coach and someone that you should think about working with.

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