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Are you struggling with content to share on social media or how to write blog articles? A great tool is Pocket, This is a great tool that allows you to curate articles and read them later. They have a browser extension as well as an iOS and android application where you can find articles on the internet, or someone emailing them to you, finding them on social media or through a news site. What you can you do is “Pocket” those website articles or blog articles and read them later.

Another cool feature is it can actually can read out the articles to you via text to speech, through robotic voice. What this will do is allow you to consume the content and then create your own version for your social media channels. Or maybe you just want to share that article out to your followers on social media.

It is a great tool to use, is where you can find it, and again if you are looking for content, it is a great way to source for that and send it out on your social media channels. So check out

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