This is Hank Hoffmeier with a marketing and business tip for you today.

What I want to discuss is customer personas and how you should go about developing one and using one.

A customer persona is mapping out information about who your ideal client is. And that is going to be using information that you either currently have or that you can obtain.

What you should do is make a template either on paper or maybe an Excel or Word document. What you want to do is give that persona say a name, “John”. Do they have a job title or something that you can use to further describe them?And then you want to jot down some information about where does this ideal client work; what are details about the role of its business-to-business, or even if it is business-to-consumer you want to take that into account or maybe what are some of the things that they do outside of work, hobbies and sports.

You also want to look at some demographics. You want to identify the age range, the gender,  a salary type of information gap from maybe $30,000 to $60,000. Is that your ideal client? You could look at location, where do they live? education? what type of family do they have? The most importantly what kind goals and challenges does this persona have so that you can market effectively to them.

You also want to look at values and fears and once you have all that information and what you can do is develop your marketing message for this persona. Write that down for that specific persona persona. How are you gonna speak to them? What tone? What type of personality? What type of content are you going to going to send that person? And lastly, what type of elevator elevator pitch can you develop for this persona?

There might be situations where you will have different types of personas for your business. Maybe there are three different types of personas that will buy from you. You can also develop whats called a negative persona. These are people maybe that will never buy from you so you, so you want identify who they are so that you do not create content that would really be in tune with that audience, because what you want to do is make sure that you are optimizing your content and your marketing messages for your ideal personas.

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  • Hank Hoffmeier

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