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Today, what I would like to discuss is shopping cart emails. If you have an online store and you have a shopping cart platform such as Shopify or something else, there is something called abandoned shopping cart emails. This means someone puts a product or products into their shopping cart and then they leave your website to either do something that they have to take care of, or maybe they went to when your competitors sites and are looking to compare pricing or maybe shipping costs.

What you want to do is lure them back to finalize that purchase, Whether is is  just a reminder that they have something in their shopping cart, or maybe entice them to convert by offering a discount by saying “hey, come back complete your purchase and save 10%, complete your purchase save 10% use coupon code XYZ “.

A lot of times people use email marketing to try to persuade people to check out once they abandon their shopping carts. There is a lot of speculation around when should that email be sent, should be right away, within half an hour, within hour? Should wait four hours, wait a couple days? My school of thought is that you should send it pretty quickly, because if they are shopping your competitors, maybe you will be able to catch them and lure them back for that conversion.

If you wait maybe about half an hour to an hour, give them some time to think and maybe they will go back and check out on own. But if not, entice them to convert by giving them a discount for checking out, this way they do not pull the trigger when it comes to your competitor’s website.

So, hopefully you learned a little bit about shopping carts and shopping cart abandonment emails. You can use a marketing automation tools like iContact Pro to help you with that or there are other platforms out there that can help.

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