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Today we are going talk about content for your marketing efforts.

Many marketers or small business owners struggle with thinking of content to post on their blog, or make videos. One thing that you can do is any events that you go to such as a training, maybe a conference, seminar, webinar. What you might want to do is take some good notes and go back and write content or maybe a vlog or video blog about those events that you went to.

Make sure that if you are directly using content that was shared with you that you give credit to the author or speaker by using a quote. Otherwise taking the content that you learned/absorbed and took notes on and turning into your own words is plausible. You can write out a blog post in reference to what you learned in reference to training, conference information, or just information that you learned in general about your specific industry.

Make sure that you write content to be not so long but yet not too short. Maybe about 400-800 words will probably be ideal for a blog post. And maybe 2 to 5 minutes for a video probably would be beneficial to your audience and allow them to absorb the material without fatigue out.

So, hopefully you can find some more content and this tip was helpful as far as using information that you are gaining from a training, conference, webinar, seminar, etc., to allow you to fill more content on your blog and in your videos.

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