Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #50: Customer Service

This is Hank Hoffmeier with my marketing and business tip.
Today I do not actually have a tip for you. It is more of a rant about customer service. I have been hearing more and more about customer service, especially during a conference I went to. There where numerous people discussing customer service, successes and challenges, as well, thinking about the book I am writing, which is hopefully coming along well in the next few months.
When we talk about customer service there some stats; I heard 86% of customers pay for better customer service. If you have a higher priced product or service, but the are gonna receive more out of that experience receive better customer service, they will pay for it. 70% of customers will do business again with a company that resolves their complaints. Are you quickly reaching out to people have questions or concerns? As well, are you following up with reviews that you received online? Those are great ways to engage back with people that are trying to give you signals. This way you can make changes in your company or organization for the better
Make sure that you are using proactive customer service, in other words, do not be reactive. Don’t wait for people to complain. Make sure you are reaching out and asking people how their experience was with your brand.
Make sure you looking to see how you can further engage with your customers by maybe asking when their birthday is, or maybe special days in their life, or maybe some of their preferences. Make sure you are focusing on customers so that they feel like they are having a one-on-one interaction with you as a brand, rather than being a number. Make sure that you are expressing your appreciation for their loyalty, if they are a loyal customer. If somebody keeps buying from you or keeps, doing business with you make sure you notice that and appreciate that. Tell them that you appreciate that.
Dig into some of the things that they are doing and asked them questions so you could talk to them about their day, their needs, etc. A lot of times we tend to just have transactional conversations or relationships with our customers. Get to know them even if you are a high-volume online retail seller, drop a quick note or send an email asking about their purchasing experience. Drop handwritten note in one of your shipments. Maybe you can pre-write generic thank you cards to send to your shipping provider, if you use a shipping provider.
61% of people say the risk of negative sentiment going viral can be handled with social care. Make sure that once again you are reaching out and you are trying to resolve those signals.
I have more customer service, but I will save that for some future tips. If you want to hear previous tips that are in relation to a lot of the topics, go to HankHoffmeier.com/Alexa’s. You can also subscribe to my podcast on iTunes. Hank’s marketing and business tips.
That is all I have for today. You will definitely hear more for me about customer service, so we will see you next time.


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