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In episode number 42, I discussed local influencers. Influencers are people that you can find I can help promote your brand. Sometime still do it for free, and other times it is paid. You may see this with well-known celebrities pushing products such as clothing, perfume, or something else, in return for compensation.

You might ask , how do I get started with using influencers. You can reach out to people that you find say on Instagram where influencers possible popular and what you can do is ask them to help your brand. Maybe you can offer them something, or maybe you could do a trade or barter in reference to whatever you want them to advertise.

There are also influencer marketing agencies. So, if you do not want to do the legwork or feel like it is a little bit difficult, you could find one of these influencer agencies to do the work for you. You tell them what your goals are and your budget and what they will do is align you with someone that will be able to effectively promote your brand, product, or service, thus growing your brand.

Look into these influencer marketing agencies and see it is if it is something that you would be able to help grow your business and promote your brand further.

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