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Today we are going to give you four reasons why you should be using Instagram Stories. Instagram is a great marketing tool, especially with the visuals they have, the ability to comment and like, and then also using hashtags to help you become found on Instagram. But when it comes to using some lesser-known features, Instagram Stories is one of those.

Maybe you are not currently using Instagram Stories because it takes a little bit more work to create them and they are only viewable for 24 hours. So why should you use them? The first reason is it is cheap. You do not have to pay to use this feature and it is something that will sit at the top of the app for people that are following you, encouraging them to click on your story and look at those short snippets of video or images. It is a little bit more immersive because when somebody goes to your stories they are actually looking at your stories or group stories and hopefully will finish out all of the content that you created, creating a little bit more engagement.

Next it is gonna promote deeper connections. It is going make people feel like it is a little bit more one-on-one and not just scrolling through looking at different people’s posts. Maybe you will get some more reactions or engagement. Most importantly obtain that brand recognition.

I will also help you can connect with Millennials. Millennials right now are the highest users of stories. So if you have a younger demographic, or a younger persona, which I have mentioned in previous tips, you definitely want to use Instagram Stories. Hopefully if you are not using Instagram Stories, I may have encouraged you to try it out a little bit more. See if you can obtain some better success on Instagram using Instagram Stories.

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