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I had the pleasure of going to a conference in Miami Florida for some franchise owners in the haircutting industry. One of the speakers was Jack Mitchell who owns Mitchell Stores in Connecticut He was discussing his book, Hug Your Customers: Still the Proven Way to Personalize Sales and Achieve Astounding Results.

Now, Jack was not talking about physically hugging your customers but providing personalized and thoughtful experiences for your customers so that they remember you, and remember that you care about them as a customer and do not treat them as a number.

I holistically believe in this type of mentality, and is actually something I am writing about it in my new book. Customer service is essential, people want to be heard and they want their needs met. The most that you can do that by providing the best possible customer service will help you succeed and grow your business and most importantly, keep client you have and produce repeat business.

Now, how can you “hug your customers”?  You could do things that may help them remember you. You can do something by going above and beyond, and helping your client more than they anticipated or thought that they would receive. Make sure that your support and refund policies, if you have one are above average so that clients remember that you have their best intentions in mind or your best intentions serving them. Help them no matter what and they really enjoy the experience they have with you.

Remember that people remember the experiences they have and they not only take that into account when they are buying a product or service, but they will tell other people. Make sure to check out the book, Hug Your Customers, by Jack Mitchell.

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