Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #55: Search Intent


This is Hank Hoffmeier with the marketing and business tip.

Let’s talk about the landing pages and SEO. When it comes to having your business found on the Internet, people are searching Google or other search providers to find products and services that they are looking to do business with.

Did you know to 76% of searches are on Google? So, what you want to do is make sure that you optimize for Google and looking at your keywords and your description, making sure that you have relevant content for the folks that want to do business with you and your description matches ultimately what the goal of the consumer is.
Each search that someone does starts with intent, they are intending to do something, they are intending to do research, or intending to buy from you. Once they find you on the Internet and go to your website or landing page, make sure that the copy is Relevant to #1, your ad and #2, the description of your website and #3, that it is very understandable as far as what your product or service has to offer.

There is many times I have went to website and I do not know what the company does or exactly what they sell because it is not very clear on that page that I visit. So, that was really just a quick tip about make sure everything is flowing correctly. I have previous tips about SEO and landing pages, but I really want to tell you make sure that you know that searches start with an intent and a basically is a flow. They intend to find a product or service. They are going to research that. They are going to search the Internet for it, and then they are gonna click through to your website or blog or maybe find you on social media. Everything you are discussing or your content needs to be related to exactly what your mission is and what your  brand is all about. What products and services you have to offer. Make it very very understandable. What is the value of working with you? Why would I want to choose you over a competitor?

Just in sure that you know that everything matches when it comes to the flow, from somebody thinking about a product or service, searching for it, going back through to the content that you have. Do not forget that after someone buys from you that you are following up and asking how everything is and that you have excellent support in place to help them if there is a question or challenge. Or, if you are service based that you are following up to find out how everything went and build that relationship to help nurture repeat purchases.

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