This is Hank Hoffmeier with a marketing and business tip
I am again joined by Lori Bruhns, a business productivity and success coach. She is here to provide value by telling you how you can be more productive in running your business.
Hank: Thank you for coming aboard again, Lori.
Lori: Thank you, Hank, for having me again. Today tip is “mindset matters”.  This means shifting your perspective on your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. When I work with my clients, I help them understand that the way they think about their day will affect their day. For example, many many of us say “I do not have enough time in my day”. When I work with my clients, I help them shift their words to something like this: “I have plenty of time to accomplish all that I need to do today”. So, the mindset that you have for your productivity, daily, weekly and monthly truly does matter.
Hank: That is great. So, we are going be recording a few more tips to stay tuned. If you like to have a free 30 minute consultation call with Lori, head over to her website at That is
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