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Today I would like to further my discussion about email marketing, and take it a step further. Let’s talk about web design and email marketing and mobile devices. With more than half of email opens on a mobile device and a high amount of website visits on a mobile device, you really need to ensure you have a mobile responsive website. As well as a mobile responsive email template. If you do not you probably will suffer in two ways.

The first way is you can alienate your viewers, whether it is email or web. If they cannot easily consume the content you are sending to them, either on the web or through email, they are going to ignore your content, they are going to leave your website, that are going to delete your emails. You want to make sure that that value is there, and it is easy for them to consume and read that content.

Also, your SEO or email deliverability can suffer if you do not have a responsive template or website. Most of these providers, as such is Google as far as a SEO, inbox providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, they are looking to make sure that the user experience is optimal. So, on the web side, Google Yahoo, they are going to ding you if you do not have a mobile responsive and fast loading website.

On the email side, that coding could make or break your inboxing, and more importantly it could break or not look well on the phone, if you are sending huge emails or wide emails, and long emails to a phone. So, make sure you are looking into that. Make sure that you use the proper tools. If you do not use a web designer or someone to code your emails, there are great tools, iContact provides you with templates and layouts that are mobile responsive. There are other tools to do that for email.

And on website design side, you have Wix, you have WordPress. They all provide web friendly or mobile responsive templates out of the box, so you can easily do that without hiring someone. Of course, if you want to hire someone, they will make sure it is optimal, and it will provide the best experience possible. Just make sure you have mobile versions or responsiveness when it comes your website and email.

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