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I have a quick one for you today. Do you wish that you had more customers? Doesn’t everyone? Do you have a Facebook page? If you do, have you looked at Facebook marketing? If not, maybe you should.

One thing he could do is start building and add, and then walk away from that ad or just post some items to your Facebook page. Every now and then Facebook will send you a note saying they will give you credit to do some advertising. There is a free way to try that out. Usually, they offer about $10 to spend in advertising.

I actually did an ad recently that did not cost me a penny, because I took advantage of Facebook’s offer and boosted one of my posts about my tips. I was able to promote that to about 3000 people, and I got some engagement, and I think my listenership increased because of that. It was because I started a post and published it on my Facebook page and then was offered $10 to boost that post.

Like I said, at times they will offer you different things to try to do some advertising. But also, if you do not receive an offer, go ahead and to try to spend $10, $20 on a Facebook ad, because you can highly target on Facebook, whether it is geography, interests, demographics, you can really hone in on the audience that you are looking to attract. If you are a local service provider, like a landscaper, or electrician, you can focus on your area, on people that are homeowners within an area that have a certain salary range. If you are selling products online, your reach can be a little more broad. It can be related to whatever items you sell or services you sell.

Facebook ads is definitely something to look at. Pound for pound you to get more return than you would for Google’s pay per click ads, and is becoming more more popular. The more you wait, the more expensive it is going to get, and the better you competitors are going to get at running ads. So, I encourage you to look at Facebook ads.

If you have questions, or want a walk-through, let me know. I would be glad to help you out. Reach out to me on the website, You can listen to previous tips there. Make sure to subscribe on iTunes. You can comment, you can send me an email. However you would like to engage as far as feedback or questions about Facebook ads.

Hopefully, that I was helpful. I look forward to recording future tips and we will see again next time.


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