This is Hank Hoffmeier with a marketing and business tip.

I am once again joined by Mike Mabe with NSL Coaching. You can visit his website at He is a business and life coach. Mike is here to talk to us today about inspiration so welcome back, Mike! Can you tell us a little about the inspiration? And how to use that in business.

Mike: Thanks, Hank. Always a pleasure to be with you. The most important attribute of a leader is the ability to inspire. And that can be done through words, through actions, through written communication. But usually is done face-to-face and it addressing a group or individual.

The passion that is in our voice, the way we come across, and communicating with the mission and the direction that we want the organization to go is going to cause people to get excited, and want to participate and want to be recognized. So, inspiration is the most important way for a leader to be recognized and be respected, if they have that ability.

Hank: I think one thing that is important from leadership in business, whether you are an owner or a leader, or manager is being transparent about company goals. No better way to do that is to share your passion, right? Why do you want to run a successful organization? Is it to make money? No. For most part, people start companies because they have a passion for something. So, if it is helping the world with something, or helping a local community with something, or providing the best possible product or service in whatever niche you are servicing.

I think if you share that passion and inspire your staff ,or inspire yourself every day, you will become more and more successful. I think you need to take a step back and find out what your passion is and put some work tracks around that share that with either customers or your staff, if you have any. So, I think that was an awesome tip, making sure that you are inspiring yourself and others every day. This way you stay motivated, and most importantly, you motivate those around you, your customers and your employees. Would you say that is a good summary?

Mike: It is a very good summary. Thank you.

Hank: Great. So, Mike is gonna be with us for fewer episodes, and hope you will join us for those. He is with NSL Coaching, that is Reach out to Mike. He has nothing but wisdom and knowledge to share, and he loves to do so. That is his passion.

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