I recently started a discussion on a Facebook group about how landscapers use Facebook to help grow their business. So far, there are 48 replies and going strong. 

I was impressed with the amount of landscapers that are using Facebook to post pictures of their work and attract business. What caught my attention was a discussion that sparked around using the Facebook Pages Manager (Pages App) to communicate with clients.

The conversation was with a gentleman named Dave. He was telling me about his son Jackson’s landscaping business that was started nine years ago. He is now only 16 years old, so he works part time. Jackson’s plans are to work full time on growing his business when he is out of college. The plan is to double major in business and horticulture. JDPotter Lawn Care is registered as an LLC and is fully insured. Jackson bought all the equipment with the money he earned from his business.

Lawn Mower

What intrigued me is that he uses the Facebook Pages App to communicate with his clients. Since the app can be installed on numerous devices, Dave is able to reply to clients while Jackson is in school. Since the reply is from the business name, the client does not know that two people might be communicating with them. 

There is a history of messages so both the father and son can stay in sync, know what each other said. Now that is customer service! With zero service complaints so far, they want to ensure they control their communications personally. The app will notify them of incoming messages so that they can reply in a timely manner.

I have heard of companies using email and text messages to communicate with clients, but using Pages is a great way to ensure that you can stay on top of your communication and also shows Facebook that you have an engaged audience.

Here is a picture of JDPotter Lawn Care’s set up.

Landscaping Equiptment

Are there unique ways that you use social media to grow your business or engage with clients?


  • Hank Hoffmeier

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