HMBT #284: The Best Way to Grow

HMBT #284- The Best Way To Grow

In this episode, I am joined by Jennifer Best, Vice President of Marketing at AAE Speakers Bureau. Under her leadership in 2022, AAE launched the inaugural Speaking Industry Benchmark Report, bringing transparency to the speaker booking process between both the meeting organizers who book them and the speakers who delight audiences. Top Takeaways: Remember, public […]

HMBT #283: All The Things

HMBT #283: All the things

In this episode, I speak with George Kocher about growing a business. Key takeaways: Overall, this content provides insights into the mindset and strategies needed to successfully grow a business and improve marketing campaigns, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, analysis, and authenticity. George Kocher is a data-driven leader with experience building and managing high-performance sales […]

HMBT #230: Karese Laguerre – Health, Wellness, and Sleep

HMBT #230: Karese Laguerre - Health, Wellness, and Sleep

Karese Laguerre RDH, OMT. Myofunctional therapist and author joins me to talk about the importance of good health, wellness and sleep. Self care is the foundation in success in business and life.  Make sure to get a good night’s sleep. We discuss the myth of getting eight hours of sleep. Do you need eight hours? […]

HMBT #143: Work Travel Tips

I know that it has been a while since I have created an episode. This is because I have been traveling internationally. I either had some time or technology challenges that hindered me from pushing out some content. Today, I would like to share a few tips on working while traveling. 1. Check internet speeds […]

HMBT #125: Reach Your Customer First and Lifestyle Marketing

In this short episode, I cover reaching your customer first and lifestyle marketing. When it comes to reaching your customer first, before your competition, make that you provide value through blogging, customer service, and social media. This can be knowledge, information or tips. You can provide information about a product or service. Create engagement and […]

HMBT #121: The Book Shepherd, Diana Needham

  Diana M. Needham, The Book Shepherd, joins me today. I met Diana at a LinkedIn Live networking event and really enjoyed speaking with her and learning how she helps people get books published. Diana works with her clients to not only write a book, but market it, and obtain the result that they really […]

HMBT #119: Bots vs. Email

I recently viewed an ad from someone looking to promote a workshop on chatbots and how they are going to be an email marketing killer. I signed up because I wanted to see how this person was using chatbots. First, I needed to provide my email address to sign up for the workshop. That shows […]

HMBT #118: Spring Cleaning

If you are using email marketing to promote your business, you need to clean your list every six months to a year. You do not have to just remove subscribers from your list, you can send them a series of about three emails to try to win them back. You can use a subject line […]

HMBT #117: Eric Megert Makes Jokes

Eric Megert, a comedian, talks about how to use comedy when you are a business owner. Maybe while selling or just going about your day. What does it take to become a successful comedian? Eric said perseverance and the ability to fail (bomb) is important. I mentioned that I discussed failure in a previous episode. […]

HMBT #116 Jerel Bonner and Brand Promises

Jerel Bonner from Corralling Chaos joins me to today to talk about brand promises. I met Jerel through LinkedIn. He is knowledge broker that can help general managers and senior executives form teams that deliver on the brand promises. Companies need to think beyond having a unique selling proposition. This is why you would buy […]