Social Tip of the Week: Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Did you know that you can use Facebook Live for your business page within the Pages app? Well you can! Head over the the Pages app and click “Live”. Now that you know how to use live video in Facebook, get to it!

Enhance: Great Inspirational Photo App From Hootsuite

Enhance App

I normally use Wordswag to create inspirational images to share on social media. I even blogged about it. I was scheduling some posts in the iOS Hootsuite app and was prompted to try their photo editing app, Enhance.     Once installed, you can use an image you have or you can search for royalty free images:     Once you […]

Facebook Changes Newsfeed Algorithm, Again


Facebook is always looking to give users more relevant information. They are always trying to serve you posts that you want to see. A while back, Facebook did away with the linear timeline and started showing you more posts that they felt were along the lines of what you would want to see. Once again, […]

Temporary and Video Profile Images for Facebook

Facebook Profile Video

It looks like Facebook is rolling out a bunch of new updates lately. We recently reported that Facebook is testing a new feature called Reactions, which is a much anticipated change people have been waiting for. Rather than being able to dislike a post, users will have a range of ways to show emotions. The most recent […]

Facebook is Testing Reactions

Facebook Reactions

Facebook is starting to test the highly anticipated feature where users will be able choose more than a  Like on posts. In a statement, Mark Zuckerburg stated that it will be a more expressive Like button. The new feature will not include a dislike button, but rather allow users to express love, awe, humor and sadness. […]

Pages Messaging: Engage with your customers

Facebook Notification

Back in August, Facebook announced Pages Messaging for businesses. This will allow users to send private messages to page owners rather than just posting on their wall. Businesses can now add  a “send message” button to local awareness adds as a call to action. This will allow  people to ask questions or start a conversation with a […]

Periscope Updated for Landscape Support


On September 10th, Periscope updated their app to support viewing and broadcasting in landscape mode. Ever since it’s inception, Periscope only allowed their app to be used in portrait mode. They also added something called Share Context. When someone you follow shares a broadcast, it appears in your home feed. With this update, they have […]

Facebook Dislike Button is a Reality

Facebook Thumbs

During a Facebook Townhall today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they are planning to role out a dislike button. For the longest time, Facebook users have wanted the ability to dislike posts, but have only been able to like posts and then share their thoughts via comments. As mentioned in this post, we discussed coming across a news story […]

Instagram Adds Direct Messaging


Instagram is at it again! A few weeks ago, they added support for landscape photos, and not they are incorporating support for direct messaging. Users will be able to send direct messages to individual users or groups of up to 15 people. This new feature includes threaded messaging and the ability to share images in the […]

SnapChat Should Be Embraced By Businesses


Even though it launched in 2011, SnapChat is still growing in popularity. I have recently seen many small companies and also celebrities evenly adopt this social media channel as a way to tap into the millennial generation. If you do not use SnapChat now, you should give it a try. Here are 5 reasons that […]