Mastering the Art of Vertical Videos: A Guide to Captivate Your Audience

Mastering the Art of Vertical Videos: A Guide to Captivate Your Audience

In the dynamic world of social media, mastering the art of vertical videos is crucial for capturing and retaining your audience’s attention. With the majority of viewers consuming content on their mobile devices, you have mere seconds to engage them. In this guide, we’ll explore a proven success formula for creating compelling vertical videos that […]

HMBT #283: All The Things

HMBT #283: All the things

In this episode, I speak with George Kocher about growing a business. Key takeaways: Overall, this content provides insights into the mindset and strategies needed to successfully grow a business and improve marketing campaigns, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, analysis, and authenticity. George Kocher is a data-driven leader with experience building and managing high-performance sales […]

TikTok Banking on Binge Watching With Longer Videos

Watching TikTok 15 Minute videos

TikTok is introducing a significant enhancement that could change the game for marketers and content binge watchers alike. Users will now have the ability to upload 15-minute video clips, marking a pivotal moment in TikTok’s continuous evolution as a platform. Key Takeaways: The Evolution of TikTok’s Video Length TikTok has come a long way since […]

What it Means to Have a Buen Dia in Barcelona

Market in Barcelona

While vacationing in Barcelona, I was greeted by residents and business owners alike with “Buen Dia”, which means good day. I responded with “A ti”, which means “and you”. Barcelona is a polite city where mere strangers wish each other well. When frequenting a local bakery or picking out tapas at a restaurant, the staff […]

Instagram Now Supports Posting Up to 10 Photos as a Carousel


With it’s most recent update, Instagram is not allowing users to post up to 10 photos as one time, as a scrollable carousel.  Users will see the update available over the next few weeks. The update kind of resembles the way the carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram now work.  Users no longer need to […]

Landscaper Using Facebook In a Unique Way to Communicate With Clients

Lawn Mower

I recently started a discussion on a Facebook group about how landscapers use Facebook to help grow their business. So far, there are 48 replies and going strong.  I was impressed with the amount of landscapers that are using Facebook to post pictures of their work and attract business. What caught my attention was a […]

Snapchat Adds Universal Search


If you use Snapchat, you are aware that it is difficult to find the content you want to follow. With the roll out of Universal Search, you will be able to find more of what you want to see from friends and groups. You will also be able to navigate the app better and find friends […]

Instagram Story Ads

Instagram Stories

Instagram is now going to start adding a 5 second photo or 15 second video add between stories where there is more than on in a row. They will be set to autoplay with audio. Users will have the ability to skip by swiping. Instagram is boasting over 150 million users are now using stories. […]

Use Facebook to Re-Engage With Your Email Subscribers

Facebook Ads

As consumers, we all get busy. We all tend to put off making decisions, especially when it comes to shopping. Sometimes a little reminder helps.  These days, people have their attention pulled in many different directions. Marketing on one channel, such as email, is limiting your conversion potential.  You should be using other platforms to […]

Facebook Launches Instant Games for Messenger

Facebook Games

Facebook recently started to roll out Instant Games in the U.S. and 30 other countries. There are currently 17 games from classic developers such as Bandai Namco, Konami, and Taito. You can also find games from newer developers such as Zynga and King. The games are available on newer iOS and Android devices. So the […]