Hank's Marketing and Business Tips

HMBT #196: Howdie Partner

My thoughts are that you need to have a partner in three areas of your life: Personal Professional Marketing Listen to the episode for more information.

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HMBT 192 Diversify

HMBT #192: Diversify

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by building an audience on one platform? What happens if that platform’s business model changes or it disappears? What can you do? Listen to learn more.

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HMBT 189 Do You Really Want It?

HMBT #189: Do You Really Want It?

Rant time? Do you know someone that complains about not being successful, not making enough money, not being able to live the life they want to live? I recently had an experience that made me want to rant about that. Hear about that and get some encouragement to crush it this week and beyond!

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