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A podcast with tips, tricks, and general information about business and marketing for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Even Professional marketers and CEOs can learn a thing or two!

Join Hank as he offers his knowledge and experiences. He also adds even more value by interviewing guests that share their stories and knowledge. 

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HMBT #102: Serve, Dont Sell

Most people make the mistake of jumping right into a conversation by selling. Today, on my blackboard, I wrote “Serve, Don’t Sell”. First, you need to develop a trusted relationship with your audience. Then provide value to them through information, assets and network introductions. Determine if you can help them with a business pain they

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HMBT #101: Brag vs Humblebrag

In this episode, I discuss brag vs. Humblebrag. The definition of humblebrag is “people’s use of false modesty as a context to tell you just how great they are”. Urban Dictionary describes humblebrag as: “Subtly letting others now about how fantastic your life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor or “woe

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HMBT #100: Health and Marketing Discussion with Professorjohn

I had the pleasure of bringing Professorjohn (PJ) from The Muscle Memory Group on the show today. I met PJ while speaking in about email marketing in Phoenix, AZ. He and I spoke about marketing for some time after my speaking session. He is passionate about what he does, just as I am about marketing.

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HMBT #99 Google My Business Adds Posting Ability

In episode 12, I spoke about Google My Business. It is a tool that Google offers to help be found on their search site. It offers the ability to show your location, hours and pictures of your business. Google now allows the ability for business owners to post to their business page/listing a la Facebook

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HMBT #98: Developing an Elevator Pitch

While attending a small business conference in Phoenix Arizona, I met with a lot of small business owners. What I found was there were people that were either really good at telling me what they do, or they may have needed to go home and work on it. Every day that passed, I thought about

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HMBT #97: Working While Traveling

It is great to work from wherever you are. While traveling in Phoenix, I needed to get some projects completed. I decided to take the time while I was alone to work on some items that I would be able to focus on. I worked from the hotel room some and then by the pool

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HMBT #96: Positive Vibes

In this episode, I talk about putting positive vibes out into the universe. I give an example of someone putting out negative vibes and how karma caught up with him. Don’t let this be you! How you think and feel can affect outcome and also affects others around you. Be positive and put out positive

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HMBT #95: Ken Wood Talks About Value Propositions and More

Ken Wood joins me in this episode to discuss having a proper value proposition, having a competitive advantage and how to understand your target market. Ken is the CEO and founder of Roar Marketing Concepts in Raleigh, NC. I met Ken at a meetup and we then met a few days later and had a

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Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #94: Justin Streuli on startups

Justin Streuli, the Director of the North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center at UNCG, joins me today to talk about starting a business. The center is located in Greensboro NC and serves as a bridge between the campus and the entrepreneurial community. They also help any small businesses thrive. We briefly speak about what it means to

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Hank’s Marketing and Business Tip #91: Bend Break Hack

Today, I have Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffreys from TriangleCast on to provide some entrepreneur advice. Jason talks to soloprenuers and budding entrepreneurs about using content related to questions or information that you are asked about all the time. This could be monetized. Find that nugget of information to develop your funnel or create a

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