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Join Hank as he offers his knowledge and experiences. He also adds even more value by interviewing guests that share their stories and knowledge. 

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HMBT 2106 Perfectly Phenomenal Podcast

HMBT #216: Imperfectly Phenomenal Podcast

I am joined by repeat guest, Lauren Williams from the Imperfectly Phenomenal Woman Podcast.  She was on the show in June of last year. It was Episode #177 where Lauren was just getting started with her podcast and it was great to catch up again to speak about her successful growth and challenges with podcasting.

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Episode 215 Ace The Graham

HMBT #215 Ace The Gram

Viv Conway from Ace the Gram was on the show to talk about growing your Instagram account. They have been very successful. We also talk about the future of Instagram in 2020 and if Instagram is ruining tourism. About Ace the Gram: Two millennials on a mission to help everyone reap the infinite benefits of

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HMBT 214 Crossnet Success Story

HMBT #214: Crossnet Success Story

Today I am joined by Greg Meade, one of the co-founders of Crossnet.  I was introduced to Greg through Nate Hirsch, former owner of Freeup, which was on episode #133 Crossnet is a four way volley ball game that in just a  short years have: Surpassed 2 million dollars in sales. Is already in 2500+

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HMBT 213 Katy Katz at Pubcon Austin

HMBT #213: Katy Katz at Pubcon Austin

After I presented at Pubcon Austin, I decided to sit in on some of the other sessions. Here is a snippet of Katy Katz’s talk about social media content. Katy Katz on Twitter Marketing Refresh website

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HMBT #211: Danielle Gray is the Content Whisperer

HMBT #211: Danielle Gray is the Content Whisperer

The Content Whipserer joins me today to talk about creating effective content. What does it mean to be a content whisperer? It means being able to work with different personalities and use techniques to get content out of them. Tips: Need to be present, that is where you find the content. It comes down to

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HMBT #210: Chris Herndon Talks About Raving Fans

In this episode, I am joined by Chris Herndon, founder of Lead Out Strategies. We talk about turning donors and customers into raving fans by having a sense of community, belonging and being entertaining. We also talk about the importance of building a customer community and celebrating your fans, what NHL Hockey players and broadway

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HMBT #209: I Got a Bad Review

I recently took a look at my book reviews and noticed that the last one that I received was a one star review. My book is not for everyone and I understand that. While disheartened, I know that some people may want more information. This reviewer was looking for more in depth information and possible

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HMBT 208 Forget About Your Goals

HMBT #208 Forget About Your Goals

Forget about your 2020 goals, you need to worry about other people goals. Many people normally set goals to lose weight, make more money, or maybe eat healthy foods. Another thing people do is they start to cull their email subscriptions. They will tend to start looking to get rid of emails that they no

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HMBT #206: What Did You Say About Me?

Today, I had a conversation with Jason Touw. He is new to the area and is looking for his next career move here in the Raleigh area. Together, we discuss online sentiment and how to deal with negative posts/mentions on social media. Twitter: @JasonTouw Website: www.JasonToauw.com

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HMBT 205 Slackluster Results

HMBT #205: Slackluster Results

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners take their foot off the gas during the last two weeks of the year. You should be doubling down to avoid slackluster results in 2020. Do the things that your competitors are not doing. Learn some ideas in this episode.

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