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HMBT #163: Janine Loweth Conquers the Long Sales Cycle PT 1

In this episode, I am joined by an old high school friend and sales professional, Janine Loweth. Just like last episode we talked about sales and how you can close more business. Janine is used to working long term sales cycles and she shares ideas on being patient, using perception, and overcoming fear when selling. 

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HMBT #162: Lilly Ferrick Helps Fill the Top of the Sales Funnel

For today’s episode, I am joined by Lilly Ferrick, CEO and founder of Lilly Ferrick LLC, which provides comprehensive sales solutions to companies on outsourced and fractional engagements.  Basically, Lilly helps fill the top the sales funnel. Lilly and I talk about some ways that you can fill the top of your sales funnel.  Tips:

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HMBT #161: Eat Bacon and Make Bacon

This episode is a recording that Marilyn Shannon and did while eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We talked about how people want to be successful, create goals, but struggle with getting started or completing them. Marilyn had some advice for us.

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HMBT# 160: Follow Up Skills

I recently had a painful experience trying to hire someone to do some work on my roof. Contractors are notable for not returning calls, showing up for estimates, and asking for the the sale. This time is was amplified and it made me think about how many businesses and business owners do not follow up

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HMBT #157: Shaky Video

I am always saying that you need to be creating more video, but I think that some people are taking it to a new level. I have seen a lot of shaky and poor quality footage. So, my new message is “create more decent videos”!

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HMBT #156: Networking

This episode is about doing more networking in 2019. I also mention the tool to find a place to meet between two locations.    

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