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Join Hank as he offers his knowledge and experiences. He also adds even more value by interviewing guests that share their stories and knowledge. 

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HMBT #109: Case Studies

Case studies are a great tool to add to your marketing efforts. Case studies are written documentation or a video that explains how you helped a customer. Basically a success story. Create a study where you were able to help a customer save time or money or maybe just made them happy. Add details like

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HMBT #108: Focusing On Those That Ignore You

The phrase “focusing on those that ignore you” is pretty powerful. To find and attract new customers, you need to find people that have not heard about you and your business. You can use social media ads and blog posts to gain attention. You can also network to increase your brand awareness. Build your LinkedIn

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HMBT #107: Be There

Many small business owners still struggle to see the need to use digital marketing. They do not realize that using social media and other forms of digital marketing is very powerful. You need to be where your customers are, and that is online. It is not important to be on every social media platform, but

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HMBT #106: Challenge Yourself

This episode was recorded in a public place, a Dunking Donuts. The reason being is that I wanted to be able to put myself out there and put myself out of my comfort zone. This ties into a challenge that a completed for a group I belong to on Facebook for speakers. Throughout the week,

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HMBT #115: Does Hard Work Equal Success?

I was recently on a Facebook group and someone posted the question, “Do you have to work hard to be successful”? Working hard means you are doing the wrong things and failing. What you need to be doing is work smart and passionately. Yes, you will work long hours and spend money. Working hard means

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HMBT #104: Jonathan Orcutt Discusses Franchising

Today, I am joined by Jonathan Orcutt of Driven Landscapes Franchising. I met Jonathan on a Facebook Landscaping Group. I still like to keep my finger on the pulse of the landscape industry since selling my landscape company last year. Jonathan came on the show to give us some insight to being a small business owner

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HMBT #103 Chuck Hester: LinkedIn Tips

Sr. Integrated MarCom Executive, Content Marketer, Keynote Speaker, LinkedIn Workshop Leader, and Voice Over Talent, Chuck Hester joined me to talk about LinkedIn. Chuck is your go to guy for anything related to LinkedIn. Chuck gave us his top three things ( really 4!) to do on LinkedIn: 1. Create SEO rich content for LinkedIn.

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HMBT #102: Serve, Dont Sell

Most people make the mistake of jumping right into a conversation by selling. Today, on my blackboard, I wrote “Serve, Don’t Sell”. First, you need to develop a trusted relationship with your audience. Then provide value to them through information, assets and network introductions. Determine if you can help them with a business pain they

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HMBT #101: Brag vs Humblebrag

In this episode, I discuss brag vs. Humblebrag. The definition of humblebrag is “people’s use of false modesty as a context to tell you just how great they are”. Urban Dictionary describes humblebrag as: “Subtly letting others now about how fantastic your life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor or “woe

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HMBT #100: Health and Marketing Discussion with Professorjohn

I had the pleasure of bringing Professorjohn (PJ) from The Muscle Memory Group on the show today. I met PJ while speaking in about email marketing in Phoenix, AZ. He and I spoke about marketing for some time after my speaking session. He is passionate about what he does, just as I am about marketing.

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HMBT #99 Google My Business Adds Posting Ability

In episode 12, I spoke about Google My Business. It is a tool that Google offers to help be found on their search site. It offers the ability to show your location, hours and pictures of your business. Google now allows the ability for business owners to post to their business page/listing a la Facebook

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HMBT #98: Developing an Elevator Pitch

While attending a small business conference in Phoenix Arizona, I met with a lot of small business owners. What I found was there were people that were either really good at telling me what they do, or they may have needed to go home and work on it. Every day that passed, I thought about

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