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A podcast with tips, tricks, and general information about business and marketing for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Even Professional marketers and CEOs can learn a thing or two!

Join Hank as he offers his knowledge and experiences. He also adds even more value by interviewing guests that share their stories and knowledge. 

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HBMT# 112 Chris Daltorio Discusses Sales

Chris Daltorio from New Velocity joins me today to discuss sales. New Velocity is a sales and leadership development firm. They work with companies of all sizes. Chris likes to help companies grow by helping people become the superstar version of themselves. As a small business owner, your passion alone is not enough. Having sales

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HMBT Bonus: End Of Year Challenge

This is a special episode of Hank’s Marketing and Business Tips. Recently, I have been talking about how most people slow down and let off the gas during the holiday season and that now is the time for business owners to double down so that you can beat your competition. By doing so, you will

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HMBT #111: Timothy Robbins Talks Content Creation

Today, Timothy Robbins and I talk about content creation. His company, Today Creative, is a content creation company. They create content for customers to help with inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is using content or marketing tactics to drive traffic or leads back to your website. You can use informational and valuable content to share in

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HMBT #110: William Meredith Talks Small Business

This was an impromptu recording with William Meredith, the owner of five franchise locations of Learning Express Toys in the Raleigh NC area. I asked William what a small business owner needs to keep in mind when running a business. He said that business owners need to keep an open mind. Also, reading books and

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Bonus: Planning for 2018

Now that the end of the year and the holidays are upon us, we tend to focus on other things than our work or our business. You should always be planning for the week, month, quarter, and year. I have already met with my wife and planned some of our goals for next year and

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HMBT #109: Case Studies

Case studies are a great tool to add to your marketing efforts. Case studies are written documentation or a video that explains how you helped a customer. Basically a success story. Create a study where you were able to help a customer save time or money or maybe just made them happy. Add details like

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HMBT #108: Focusing On Those That Ignore You

The phrase “focusing on those that ignore you” is pretty powerful. To find and attract new customers, you need to find people that have not heard about you and your business. You can use social media ads and blog posts to gain attention. You can also network to increase your brand awareness. Build your LinkedIn

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HMBT #107: Be There

Many small business owners still struggle to see the need to use digital marketing. They do not realize that using social media and other forms of digital marketing is very powerful. You need to be where your customers are, and that is online. It is not important to be on every social media platform, but

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HMBT #106: Challenge Yourself

This episode was recorded in a public place, a Dunking Donuts. The reason being is that I wanted to be able to put myself out there and put myself out of my comfort zone. This ties into a challenge that a completed for a group I belong to on Facebook for speakers. Throughout the week,

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HMBT #115: Does Hard Work Equal Success?

I was recently on a Facebook group and someone posted the question, “Do you have to work hard to be successful”? Working hard means you are doing the wrong things and failing. What you need to be doing is work smart and passionately. Yes, you will work long hours and spend money. Working hard means

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HMBT #104: Jonathan Orcutt Discusses Franchising

Today, I am joined by Jonathan Orcutt of Driven Landscapes Franchising. I met Jonathan on a Facebook Landscaping Group. I still like to keep my finger on the pulse of the landscape industry since selling my landscape company last year. Jonathan came on the show to give us some insight to being a small business owner

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HMBT #103 Chuck Hester: LinkedIn Tips

Sr. Integrated MarCom Executive, Content Marketer, Keynote Speaker, LinkedIn Workshop Leader, and Voice Over Talent, Chuck Hester joined me to talk about LinkedIn. Chuck is your go to guy for anything related to LinkedIn. Chuck gave us his top three things ( really 4!) to do on LinkedIn: 1. Create SEO rich content for LinkedIn.

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